Man playing the guitar at the port of Getary on the French Basque Coast on

Things To Do Near San Sebastian

If you are visiting San Sebastian for a few days and would like to spend a day (or two) exploring the main places of interest near San Sebastian, here are a few suggestions for must-do tours and activities that are less than an hour drive from San Sebastian.

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Active Tours in the Basque Country

Trekking Mugarra & Leungana – Urkiola Natural Park

A few days ago we decided to take advantage of the long holiday weekend and the good weather that the Basque Country has been delighting us in to take a trip into the woods. We decided to make an excursion to the Urkiola Natural Park (declared as such in 1989), a protected natural area located at the southeast corner of the provinces of Biscay and Alava in the north of the Basque Country.

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