Stalls at the entrance of Les Halles Farmer's Market of Saint Jean de Luz.

Traditional Market Days in the French Basque Country

If you are planning to visit the French Basque Country, make sure to check which day of the week is set as a market day in the main towns of the French Basque Country. Traditional markets of the biggest cities like Baiona, Biarritz or Saint Jean de Luz are open from Monday to Saturday, but farmers, local producers and artisans from the whole region set up their stalls on market days, providing a lively atmosphere to the town.

The rich culture and gastronomy of the French Basque Country can be experienced first-hand while visiting one of its traditional markets. Below is a general overview of market days in some of the major towns and cities of the French Basque Country:

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Market stall with fresh seasonal vegetables visited during our Market Tour in San Sebastian

5 Reasons Why You Should Do a Market Tour in San Sebastian

Probably one of the main reasons why you decided to visit San Sebastian or the Basque Country is because of the food. A pintxos night out or a dinner in one of its fabulous restaurants is a must while you are here, but why not take our market tour in San Sebastian to learn about Basque food while tasting local products in their purest form? Here are 5 great reasons for why you should do a market tour in San Sebastian

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A steak of bonito white tuna, onions, green peppers, garlic bulb and a glass of txakoli wine

Bonito Encebollado: A Traditional Basque Recipe

At Go Basque we are lovers of gastronomy and we like to cook (and eat). That is why we want to take advantage of this space to share some of the traditional recipes of the Basque Country. Given that it is currently Atlantic Bonito (Albacore or White Tuna) season, we thought of no better way to honor this summer fish than to dedicate our first Basque food blog post to cooking a dish of “Bonito encebollado”, a traditional Basque dish that can be easily prepared at home. Bonito is a seasonal fish that is sold at fish shops throughout the summer here in the Basque Country. During this time of year, It is typical to gather in any of the gastronomic societies of San Sebastian to enjoy this dish with friends. If you can’t buy or find Bonito, however, don’t worry! A thick tuna steak can be used in its place.

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Man playing the guitar at the port of Getary on the French Basque Coast on

Things To Do Near San Sebastian

If you are visiting San Sebastian for a few days and would like to spend a day (or two) exploring the main places of interest near San Sebastian, here are a few suggestions for must-do tours and activities that are less than an hour drive from San Sebastian.

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Sopako Bread

The Sopako: The Basque Bread for Soups

Sopako bread is a special type of bread that we Basques use in the preparation of soups. Its literal translation from the Basque language is “for soup.” The bread is originally from the Basque Country, and it can thus be considered a “native” variety of bread, as it can be quite difficult to find outside of the Basque Country.

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Basque fishermen unloading fish at the port of Hondarribia

Cantabrian Anchovy: From the Sea to Your Table

As is already well known, the world is currently weathering through a very delicate moment. The Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic is affecting each and every sphere of our societies, putting the economic, social and political sectors of each of our countries to the test. A major consequence of this alarming situation is that it is having a negative effect on what we are able to bring to our tables, especially in societies, such as the Basque one, that are so accustomed to consuming seasonal products.

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Cider Barrels at Basque Cider House

Are You Ready for Basque Cider Season?

2020 is here and with it the start of this year’s cider season in the Basque Country. There is no point in sticking to your new year’s resolutions just yet (unless these are to eat and drink more), as this month marks the start of the 2020 Basque Cider Season.

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Zuberoa Restaurant - Michelin Star Basque Restaurant

Zuberoa Restaurant: Modern Cuisine that Maintains the Roots of Traditional Basque Gastronomy

Located in the town of Oiartzun, Gipuzkoa, Zuberoa Restaurant is without a doubt one of the temples of Basque cuisine. The chef, Hilario Arbelaitz, has known how to maintain the essence of traditional Basque recipes in his kitchen, and works with prime-quality ingredients in exceptional ways.

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