Basque heritage tours


Due to political or economic reasons, many Basque people had no other choice but to leave their homeland in the past to find a better life. Mainly during the second half of the XIX Century, the Basque Diaspora set important communities in Latin American countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela and Mexico, as well as in Western United States.

Traditionally to work as shepherds or in the mining industry, the Basque communities around the world have maintained our culture, values and folklore from generation to generation through today. Nowadays, we have big Basque Diaspora living outside of the geographical region of the Basque Country looking to get to know more about this beautiful region while discovering the history of their families.

Since we started GO BASQUE in 2015, we’ve found great joy in traveling across the Basque Country with several of these Basque families to discover their families’ stories and origins and the old homes of their grandparents and great grandparents, and we are always proud and eager to learn about the history of other Basque families who migrated in the past.

Tell us about your last name, family, and interests, and we’ll be delighted to trace your Basque Family Tree and handcraft a Basque immersion fitting to your preferences.