Views of the Bay of La Concha from Mount Igeldo in San Sebastian

What to See in the Basque Country in 4 Days

If you are planning to travel to the Basque Country in 2024 and you think you’ll be on a tight schedule,  we propose this four day itinerary that will allow you to get a great sense of the region without missing any of the highlights. The Basque Country is a wonderful destination that boasts itself on its unique culture, delicious cuisine, and stunning landscapes that never disappoint! 

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Night of San Juan - San Sebastian

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Night of San Juan

On this upcoming June 23rd the high flames of bonfires will light up the sky throughout the Basque Country in celebration of the night of San Juan. It is a night full of magic where fire is the main protagonist.

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Day of The Almadia

This upcoming April 30th, the town of Burgui, a village in the Roncal Valley, will celebrate the Day of the Almadia. This festivity, held every year on around the same date, pays tribute to the “Almadieros” (Timber Rafters) who in the past transported timber wood for sale to other localities down the riverbed of the Ebro River. In Navarre’s Pyrenean valleys, the exploitation of woodland has been one of the region’s main sources of income and its rivers were used to transport the wood. To achieve this, the Almadieros would build a type of raft consisting of several logs of the same length held together by ropes made of willow: the almadias. As a result of improved communications and the construction of the Yesa Reservoir, the profession of Almadiero disappeared in 1952.

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