The city of Pamplona (Iruña in Basque), capital of Navarra, is world renowned for the Running of the Bulls during the San Fermín Festival held every year from July 6 to 14.

We will begin the day very early standing tall on a balcony overlooking the famous Estafeta Street, where we will enjoy a light breakfast and admire the “Encierro” (running of the bulls). Wearing the unmistakable San Fermín attire (white clothes and with a red handkerchief on our necks), we will plunge into the festival at full throttle.

While experiencing San Fermines as the locals do, hopping from bar to bar and sipping on red/white wine or “cañas” (pints), we will stroll through the city and make stops at various iconic places along the route that the bulls run every year.

We will also follow the steps of Ernest Hemingway by visiting the Gran Hotel La Perla and the famous bars and café terraces in the Plaza del Castillo, like the mythical Café Iruña, where he regularly sat to enjoy a glass of cognac.

Living the famous San Fermín Festival with Go Basque will allow you to experience all of Pamplona’s folklore and cultural expressions.

Every year from July 7 to 14

12 hours, approximately

Local guide
View from balcony on Estafeta Street
Guided tour of the city
Typical “San Fermines” lunch paired with red/white wine and mineral water
Private transportation from San Sebastián to and from your accommodation

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