After traveling thousands of kilometers, discovering an infinity of special places, and meeting unique people throughout the entire Basque Country, we decided to create Go Basque, a boutique travel agency based in Donostia – San Sebastián, Basque Country, Spain. We consider ourselves connoisseurs and lovers of our country and for this reason we decided to offer exclusive tours and travel experiences throughout the Basque Region. Our team is composed of passionate travelers in love with this little, but also vast, corner of the world, and we want you to get to feel it, know it, and live it like we do.

So come bask with us in everything Basque!


We believe that the great growth in tourism during the last decades has produced a supply of touristic activities that forgets the main reason why people travel. Today’s tourism does not cross time and space. Today’s touristic experiences no longer become memories that last a lifetime, but merely moments that disappear once one leaves the place visited and returns to daily routine. At Go Basque, unlike this new trend of mass tourism, we want you to get to know our country through a system of sustainable tourism, personalized and tailored to your interests, in such a way that you become one of us, interact with local people, and feel part of all that you are seeing, tasting, and breathing.

For this reason, Go Basque wants to give conventional tourism a twist. We don’t want you to just come see our beautiful Country, we want to share our small big World with you so that you too can be a part of it. What’s the secret sauce behind each one of our exclusive tours? A passionate team and an extensive framework of contacts across the Basque region that will get you to soak in our culture and customs. We will go knee-deep into the Basque Country and share with you truly unique travel experiences that will give each one of your five senses an unforgettable trip into all that this small region of the world has to offer.

We promise that your eyes, ears, feet, and taste buds will take one of the most, if not the most, extraordinary adventure of their lives. We invite you to Go Basque with us and immerse yourself in the exquisite essence, culture, and identity of the Basque Country.

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