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  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream

    Hogueras de San Juan

    On this upcoming June 23rd the high flames of bonfires will light up the sky throughout the Basque Country in celebration of the night of San Juan. It is a night full of magic where fire is the main protagonist. The origin of this pre-Christian holiday is related to the arrival of the summer solstice, […]

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  • San Fermín 2016… Ya falta menos!!!

    San Fermin 2016 poster

    San Fermin 2016 … is just around the corner!!! The announcement of the winning poster for the Festival of San Fermin is a clear indicator that the San Fermin Festival is not far away. We, at Go Basque, are devotees of this party and our presence on the streets of the old quarter of Pamplona […]

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  • Our Small Big World

    Hiking and Trekking, Basque Country

    The Basque Country is our passion and the number one inspiration for this blog. In this small “txoko” (corner) we intend to share with you every little (or big) thing that makes our hearts race and our stomachs flutter about this tiny region of the world we call home. We invite you to explore it […]