In this two-day tour, we will drive towards the Western Pyrenees to explore The Hecho Valley and make a smooth Pyrenean excursion through Aguas Tuertas to reach the Ibón de Estanés. On the first day, we will make several stops along the way to visit the Romanesque Monastery of San Salvador of Leyre and the Castle of Xavier. Once entered into Aragonese territory, we will head towards the Valley of Hecho to explore the town of Hecho, with its traditional tapered chimneys, and the Romanesque Monastery of San Pedro of Siresa.

Having rested in a quaint and welcoming hotel of Pyrenean style for the night, we will head towards the shelter in the Selva de Oza on the second day, driving through the spectacular Boca del Infierno gorge to then arrive at the base and begin the gentle ascent to the valley of Aguas Tuertas until reaching the spectacular Ibón de Estanés.


Spring, summer, and fall (autumn)


Elevation: 1,903 meters (6,243 feet)
Elevation gain: 593 meters (1,946 feet)
Degree of difficulty: medium high
Hiking time: 7 hours, approximately
Distance covered: 16 kilometers (9.9 miles)

Note: the excursion can be customized according to your preferences


Local guide
Entrance tickets to Monastery of Leyre and Castle of Xavier
Lunch and Dinner
1 night in Hotel with breakfast included
Snacks and refreshments for trek
Private transportation to and from your accommodation

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