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We want you to live unique experiences and make unforgettable memories during your stay in the Basque Country. To achieve this, we offer an adaptable array of tours and activities that gather the essence and character of the Basque region. Join us and you will have the opportunity to interact with locals, get to know first-hand the work of our people, and become one more Basque during the time you spend with us.

Our team is composed of local people committed to a sustainable tourism of quality in this small, yet rich, region of the world, and we want you to get to feel it, know it, and live it like we do.

it’s Authentic
Thanks to the knowledge of our local guides and our extensive framework of contacts across the Basque geography, you will experience a full immersion into the culture and identity of the Basque Country.

it’s Exclusive
Our tours are specially designed for small groups so that you can interact with us directly and personally. We organize exclusive tours and private visits so that your tour guide is at your entire disposal before, during, and after your chosen activity.

it’s Varied
We have a wide range of activities catering for all tastes and interests and during every season of the year. From gastronomic experiences to cultural visits or trekking excursions into The Pyrenees, we have plans for everyone.

it’s Unique
We offer special tours dedicated to each of the traditions and festivals celebrated in the Basque Country. In this way, you have the opportunity to live unique Basque experiences throughout the year.

it’s Personalized
We give you the possibility to design or adapt our tours based on your interests and preferences during your stay in the Basque Country.

it’s Quality
We take care of the smallest detail when selecting our partners, guaranteeing top-quality Basque Country products and services within a context of sustainable tourism.


The Basque Country – Euskal Herria – the home of Basque-speaking people. A small region that crosses borders, encapsulated between Northern Spain and Southwestern France, but entrenched in its own ancient traditions that unite its people under one identity. There is no other place on earth like the Basque Country.

Meriting exploration way beyond its main cities, every corner of the Basque Country will enchant each and every one of its visitors. From its Michelin star restaurants, gourmet miniature foods, and world-renowned Rioja vineyards, to awe-inspiring countryside sceneries and coastlines as far as the eye can see, the Basque Country offers a world of possibilities for all kinds of visitors.